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The Varsity program is for Junior and Senior players that have not reached the age of 19 by September 1, 2023  Freshmen and Sophomores may be selected to play on the team.  All players must be enrolled, attending and in good standing in a high school or an equivalent non-post secondary educational program or institution (home schooled). Learn more about this and all other Oaks Teams.



6:00 PM - 7:30 PM


Diablo Vista Park

1000 Tassajara Ranch Dr, Danville, CA 94526

Volunteer Jobs (DIBS)

Each family (or representative) is expected to volunteer a minimum of 5 hours (DIB credits) for a youth player and 10 hours (DIB credits) for a high school player. The minimum volunteer expectations with two or more children under 18 in each household is 10 hours (DIB credits). View complete Volunteer Policy.


Kort Schubert- Head Coach


Click on the photo on the left to view Kort's biography and contact information.

Erich Friess


Click on the photo on the left to view Erich's biography.

Win Shortland - Asst - Backs


Click on the photo on the left to view Win's biography and contact information.

Warren Howard - Team Manager


Click on the photo on the left to view Warren's biography and contact information.

Kevin Barth


Click on the photo on the left to view Kevin's biography and contact information.

Chris Leitch


Click on the photo on the left to view Chris' biography.


Dale Postin


Click on the photo on the left to view Dale's biography.

Andy Bordalo


Biography coming soon!

Team Volunteers

Sarah Price

Team Parent

Troy Jones

Head Team Photographer

Denise Hinton

Team Volunteer Coordinator

Simon Eldridge

Team Photographer

Jill Forschler

Team Social Media

Mike Ryan

Team Social Lead

Steve Romeo

Team Photographer

Other Useful Resources

See the resources below to access some great information about Rugby basics....enjoy!

BBC Sport / Rugby Laws & Equipment

We highly recommended reading Rugby for Dummies for those whom are new to rugby.  Even those whom have been around the game for a few years may benefit. It is well written and makes the game so much more fun to watch! (When is a "ruck" formed? What is a "maul"? What the heck did the referee just call?)